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10 Steps to Success

Read our 10-step Fundraiser Guide checklist below to make sure your fundraiser goes smooth as butter!

1. Call Us

Call (814) 684-2666 ext. 206 to set up your Delivery Date and Time for your Sale.

2. Send Tax Exempt Forms

If applicable, your Sales Tax Exempt Form needs to be either faxed to our office (814) 684-3019 or emailed to Customer Service at to be placed on file.

Please Note:

  • Employer Identification Numbers (EIN) cannot be accepted as Sales Tax Exempt Numbers.

  • Being Sales Tax Exempt will eliminate the Sale Tax charged on each hoagie sold.

  • Pizzas are not taxable.

3. Get Order Forms & Sale Confirmation

Order Forms and Sale Confirmation will be mailed out to you via USPS 3-Day Delivery.

4. Selling Price

Decide on your Group’s Selling Price.

5. Fill Out Order Forms

Fill out all of your Order Forms with Order Due Date/Delivery Date/Pricing.

6. Distribute Order Forms

Distribute Order Forms. Please make sure that your sellers know when to return the Order Forms to you.

7. Gather Order Forms

We recommend that you request all Order Forms back from your sellers Ten Days Before your Delivery Date, or sooner if you feel it's needed. You will then tally all the orders. Download our Order Tally Spreadsheet to make tallying the orders a breeze!

8. Submit Order

Eight Business Days before your delivery date, submit your order.

We suggest trying our easy Online Order Submission Form or using our Order Tally Spreadsheet that you email to us!

9. Prepare For Delivery

On your Delivery Date, be at the location at least 15 minutes before your Delivery Time.

Please make sure that:

  • doors are unlocked;

  • there are tables available to sort your items on;

  • that you have enough volunteers to help based on the number of items sold.

As you unload your Order from the Delivery Truck, we recommend you utilize our Sorting Posters (found on Documents and Forms page) and organize the items in the same order as your Order Forms (Italian, All American, Ham, etc.). It’s much easier to pull Orders this way.

COUNT and VERIFY all items before signing the Delivery Ticket and handing it back to the Driver.

10. Inform your Customers

All items are guaranteed fresh when delivered. Please inform your customers of the following guidelines.

  • Hoagies: Enjoy within 3 days of the date on the wrapper.

  • Pizzas: Enjoy or Freeze within 1-3 days of the date on the box.