Container filled with Marianna's Italian Dressing cups

Our Story and Promise

Marianna's is now over 40 years old! Curious to see how it all began, and why we do it?

The DelGrossoFamily of Companies

Marianna's Fundraisers is operated by Marianna Foods, Inc., a subsidiary of the DelGrosso Family of Companies.

The DelGrosso Family of Companies is owned by the children of Fred and Mafalda DelGrosso.

They are the founders of Marianna’s Fundraisers, DelGrosso’s Amusement Park, DelGrosso Foods and DG2Go.

Namesake ofMarianna Pulcino

Marianna's Fundraisers is the namesake of Marianna Pulcino.

Marianna immigrated to America in 1911, bringing with her an old-world recipe for pasta sauce.

With the help of Marianna's original sauce recipe, Fred & Mafalda DelGrosso created a legacy with the DelGrosso Family of Companies - where their sauce is utilized in every company.

Establishedin 1981

In 1981, the DelGrosso Family established Marianna’s Fundraisers as a way to help organizations meet their fundraising goals.

Over 40 years later, Marianna's has become a favorite among many as "The Fundraiser That Sells Itself."


Marianna’s Fundraisers helps thousands of groups raise funds for a variety of worthy causes, such as churches, non-profit organizations, clubs, bands, and school groups.

By offering fresh, quality products, Marianna’s Fundraisers allows people of all ages to enjoy prepared, authentic Italian-American foods at home.

We pride ourselves in making your community better, one pizza and hoagie at a time.


Making sure your group has the best tasting product to deliver to their customers is what Marianna’s Fundraisers strives for every day.

The hoagies and pizzas are handmade daily by a dedicated group of employees who are proud of their finished products.

Those orders are then placed in one of our refrigerated trucks to ensure their fresh and safe delivery.