Our Famous14" Hoagies

Our hoagies are made on freshly baked Italian rolls and include individually packaged freshly sliced tomatoes, onions, and crispy lettuce (except Ham Club - no onions).

Plus, our hoagies come with either Marianna's own Italian dressing or Marianna's Sweet & Sassy Mayo.

Our Delicious12" Pizzas

Marianna's own freshly baked crust is the perfect base to our pizzas. The Pepperoni and Cheese Pizzas are made with DelGrosso New York Style Pizza Sauce. If you want a meatless option, enjoy our Cheese and White Pizzas.

Please note: our pizzas are a fresh product and must be refrigerated! If not consumed within 1-3 days of the “Made On” date, pizzas can be frozen for up to 3 months - to enjoy at a later time.