Documents and Forms

Tools to use throughout the fundraising process that will help you have a successful fundraiser with Marianna's!

FundraiserCover Letter

The Group Leader should complete this letter with their fundraising details (order deadline, pick up info, reminders, etc.) then share with the sellers in your group. This will give them the info they need and help keep everyone on track!

OrderTally Spreadsheet

Use our easy and convenient Order Tally Spreadsheet to make sure you are tallying your order correctly.

Then, when it is time to submit your order, email it to

To save you even more time, we've included an Order Pulling Sheet tab at the bottom of the Order Tally Spreadsheet. This will help make quick work of pulling orders for each seller the day of.

ProductSorting Posters

You will find that these Sorting Posters make all the difference, ensuring you pull the correct product for each order.

We recommend you organize the items in the same order as your Order Forms (Italian, All American, Ham, etc.). It’s much easier to pull Orders this way.

Have aLarge Sale?

For Groups filling out over 50+ order forms – we can provide labels to be placed on your order forms.

Please reach out to our Sales Team to get more information!