woman wearing white coat, gloves, face shield and hair net packing lettuce for hoagies into a transparent plastic box

How it's Made

A look behind the scenes at how Marianna's famous hoagies & delicious pizzas are made in the DelGrosso Kitchens.

Don't CompromiseQuality & Affordability!

With Marianna’s you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability!

Marianna’s 14” Famous Hoagies and 12” Delicious Pizzas start with a flavorful base. Our hoagie rolls and pizza shells are baked locally and delivered daily to ensure that fresh taste Marianna’s is known for.

From first contact to delivery, our experienced team is working hard to make your fundraiser delicious, successful, and easy!

From Our Hoagie Heroes to Yours… We are proud to continue the tradition of quality, service, and community that is “The Fundraiser That Sells Itself!”


Our team chooses only the best quality meats and cheeses that are sliced in-house each morning before hoagie assembly.

Each hoagie comes with shredded Lettuce, sliced Tomatoes, and diced Onions (except Ham Club - no onions).

The vegetables are vacuum sealed individually at our facility to maximize freshness and taste. This process also keeps our hoagies from mixing in flavors that you may not want. The customer chooses which toppings to enjoy on their hoagie.

Our condiments have become a fan favorite of many customers. Our homemade Italian Dressing and Sweet and Sassy Mayo are the perfect compliments to our hoagies.


When your parent company is the Oldest Family-Owned Pasta Sauce Producer in the country, there is no doubt our pizzas are going to feature DelGrosso Pizza Sauce.

Our Pepperoni and Cheese Pizzas feature DelGrosso New York Style Pizza Sauce. Made with imported Olive Oil, Salt, Spices, and Garlic, this thick rich sauce is what makes our pizzas so delicious.

Our White Pizza takes all things Italian and lets you enjoy a classic with Mozzarella & Provolone Cheese, Tomatoes, Peppers, and Mild Pepper Rings topped with an Olive Oil blend mixed with Herbs and Spices.

Made Fresh Daily

Our team begins their day when most are still sleeping, so that our products are delivered to you amazingly fresh.

The hoagie heroes start before the sun comes up assembling the orders for each day. Once each hoagie is wrapped in a plastic sleeve, it is rolled in white paper and marked with a sticker to be loaded for delivery.

The pizzas are made fresh, so you can pop them right into the oven or even stockpile some in your freezer to enjoy another time.

Our refrigerated delivery trucks are then loaded, and our dedicated drivers make their way to the delivery site.

After signing off on the delivery ticket, your team will sort the products and each seller takes their items to deliver to the customer.