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How it Works

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! Here's a quick view at how easy our process is, from first contact to delivery, with enthusiastic support available at every step.

Step 1: Contact Us

iconCall Us

Call (814) 684-2666 ext. 206 to set up your Delivery Date and Time of your Sale. A Marianna's Customer Support Representative will help get you started and answer any questions you may have.

iconTax Exemption Form

If applicable, fax your valid Sales Tax Exempt Form to (814) 684-3019 or email to Please Note: Employer Identification Numbers (EIN) cannot be accepted as Sales Tax Exempt Numbers.

iconReceive Order Forms

Order Forms and Sale Confirmation will be mailed out to you via USPS 3-Day Priority. These will come in handy in the next step.

Step 2:Start Selling

iconDecide on your Selling Price

See our Pricing Info Page for information on item costs and helpful resources on how to decide on your Selling Price.

iconFill out Order Forms

Now that you have all the necessary info, you can fill out all the forms with your Order Due Date, Delivery Date, and Pricing Info.

iconDistribute Forms

Now it's time to distribute your forms to all your Sellers. Please make sure that your Sellers know when to return the Order Forms back to you.

Step 3:Submit & Receive Order

iconGather Order Forms

Request all Order Forms back from your sellers Ten days before your scheduled Delivery Date, or earlier if you feel it's needed. Then, tally your orders using our Order Tally Spreadsheet.

iconSubmit Your Order

Eight business days before your Delivery Date, submit your order here, or at

iconReceive Order Shipment

On your Delivery Date, be ready to receive your order. This final step is an important one, please read our guide on how to prepare for receiving a shipment (#9 on our 10 Steps to Success).

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